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The beautiful city of Falls Church VA awaits, and there are some lovely places to eat there. The city is so close to Arlington that some of its top restaurant listings are actually located there. According to a top travel site, there are 319 dining establishments for you to choose from as you look for the best food in Falls Church.

Let’s start with a restaurant called Present. Present is located on Arlington Road, but it’s actually in the city of Falls Church. Calamari, lemongrass chicken and rock fish are three of the menu items that you’re going to find at Present. There is even a family style soup on the menu. It seems like this restaurant is quite interesting, and people say that the atmosphere is enjoyable as well. The Green Paradise Spring Roll is another favorite that you might want to know about when it’s time to order.

City Diner Restaurant gets top billing, too, and its location is 5616 Leesburg Pike. People say that the prices are quite reasonable, and it’s a great place when you’re in the mood for brunch. There are Greek specialties on the menu there, and people have good things to say about the spinach pie. It might not have been what you expected to see, but there are many other scrumptious foods on the menu. Reviews also point to the fact that patrons can expect large portions at City Diner Restaurant in Falls Church.

Pizzeria Orso is located on South Maple Avenue, and it’s obviously a great place to order up pizza pie. This restaurant is known for its Neapolitan Pizza, and you can also order up other great eats. Enjoy some gelato for dessert, too, if you like. In regards to pizza pies, the white pizza is said to be another menu favorite. By the way, you’re talking about fire roasted pizza, and that just sounds scrumptious.

A few other restaurants you might want to visit in Falls Church include Duangrats, Raaga Restaurant and Sfizi Cafe. Sfizi Cafe serves up Italian food, Raaga Restaurant serves up Indian cuisine, and Duangrats serves up Thai food. Where will you stop as you make your way around Falls Church VA? Hopefully you get to eat at more than one restaurant, and you can try out at least a few picks. There are some great eats to be found in Falls Church, and these restaurants are where it’s at.

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